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Explore the Beauty and Elegance of the Yellow Sapphire

Gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies have fascinated man since eternity. Its unique qualities and priceless features have given it a place of utmost importance in the history of mankind. For centuries, sapphires have been considered stones with exemplary qualities.

A Symbol of Purity and Good Fortune

Sapphires are available in different colors like blue, pink, yellow, green and so forth. Though the word sapphire means blue, sapphires are available in various colors and among them the yellow sapphire is considered a symbol of royalty and purity.

The yellow sapphire, though rarely used, was considered an effective antidote against poisons during the medieval ages in the European countries. It was worn by the royal family as it exuded an aura of wealth and prosperity. It is also known to ward off evil spirits, bad luck and accidents. People wear the yellow sapphire stone as pendants, rings and so forth.

Wearing yellow sapphire on rings is known to bring in prosperity, increase love and affection among friends and family members. It is believed that maiden girls find suitable grooms if they wear this precious stone. Industrialists and businessmen wear the Pukhraj, as it is otherwise known, to attain profits and material wealth.

The yellow sapphire is a stone which has a number of qualities embedded in it. Ranging from astrological to medical advantages, this rare and unique stone is considered an epitome of endless virtues.

Ways to Identify the Authenticity of Yellow Sapphire

Stones worn should be authentic and appropriate so that it gives the desired benefits to its wearer. It is important to identify the authenticity of birth stones or gems before wearing them. There are different ways to identify the genuineness of yellow sapphire stones.

The stone should be clear and should emit a brilliant radiance. Similar to diamonds, this stone is valued according to its cut, color and clarity. The stone must be blemish less without any kind of spots on it, lucid and lemony in color. It should be soft in texture with an accurate shape.

Yellow sapphire is found in abundance in Srilanka and India in addition to Tanzania and Madagascar. Srilankan stones are in great demand due to its purity and excellence. The cut of the stone is vital when it is placed in a golden ring or pendant. However, these stones can also be manufactured artificially in laboratories and it is less expensive than the authentic stones.

Entranced by the beauty and elegance of the yellow sapphire, buyers are tempted to purchase this priceless stone regardless of its price. It can prove to be a lovely gift to people born in the month of September. Worn with other stones like ruby and pearl, this particular stone, helps to improve health, wealth and prosperity.

People wear this precious stone on their index finger usually on Thursdays to reap benefits but it is equally important to understand its detrimental effects too before wearing these birth stones. Since the yellow sapphire is a highly durable stone with remarkable characteristic features, people all over the world love to flaunt it proudly.